Furniture Distributor, Custom Manufacture


Here our production staff are working on a 36″ x 72″ table top. First operation is putting in approx 30 pilot holes into the underside of the top, next the table top is cut to size and the final operation is putting a slot cut into the edge of the top to accept a vinyl T mold edge. All in about 4 minutes.

SICO® America Inc. is pleased to announce that Davidson Furniture Specialties is our new Hospitality dealer in Canada. Since 1951, SICO® has set the standard for superior equipment in the Hospitality market. Now, Davidson will offer SICO Hospitality products to their Canadian customers providing complete event solutions for any property, including: Tables for banquets, catering/events, seminars, room service, and conference rooms, as well as portable dance floors, buffet systems, mobile stages, luggage carts, mobile sleepers and wallbeds.

Davidson Furniture Specialties recently completed a project which included the removal of 8 triple depth wall table pockets and the re installation of the same wall table system with new product by Palmer Hamilton. The photos below show the tables in the high school cafeteria / gymnasium both in the stored position, T pee position for cleaning and in the position suitable for student lunch usage.